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Breast Biopsy Instructions

Unless otherwise told you have no specific restrictions after your biopsy surgery. Certainly, if the discomfort from the incision makes lifting or driving difficult, then we would recommend not doing these activities until the discomfort has subsided.

In most cases, a prescription for a mild narcotic will be given. Keep in mind that these medications can constipate and if you do not move your bowels in a day or two after the operation, take some Milk of Magnesia. Also remember that you should not drive while you are taking any narcotic pain medication.  Other common side effects from the medication include drowsiness and mild nausea.

Dressing Change
You may remove the bandage within twenty-four to forty eight hours after the operation. (If a drain was placed, the doctor will change the bandage for you in the office. You will be told when to schedule this appointment). At that time, you may shower. Let the shower water run over the incision and pat it dry. Do not wash it directly with a wash rag and soap. You may leave the wound covered or uncovered as you feel most comfortable. You may also wear a bra or go without one depending on your comfort. Watch the wound for any signs of infection including redness, tenderness, swelling, drainage or temperature.

Office Visit
Please call the office and make an appointment to be seen in approximately one week or two weeks for a general check-up and for suture removal.

If you have any questions or problems after your operation, call the office or the answering service and someone will get back to you.