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Compression Stockings Instructions


Your physician has recommended that you use compression stockings to control swelling. They have determined the amount of pressure that will best aid your veins in pumping the blood back to the heart. Follow these instructions for the best outcome. If you have any questions please call the Blank Vascular Center.

Obtaining stockings

  1. Refer to supplier list and call to set up an appointment for measuring and fitting.
  2. Be certain to bring your prescription with you for your appointment.

Helpful hints

  1. Elevate your leg(s) when possible.
  2. Apply your stocking first thing in the morning before you walk around too much on your legs- this is when swelling will be minimal.
  3. Remove stockings every night. Rinse your stockings daily

(For Specific instructions, refer to Manufacturer’s recommendations).

Call (215) 887-5934 if any of the following occurs:

  • Constant numbness and tingling which does not respond after elevating
    your leg(s).
  • Discoloration of your toes.