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What To Expect After EVLT Surgery


After discharge from the short procedure unit plan to rest and keep leg elevated for at least 48 hours. Limit physical activity to what is absolutely necessary. After the 48 hour postoperative period you may advance your activity as tolerated. Limit heavy lifting to nothing greater than 15 pounds.

Wound Care

When you leave the short procedure unit the leg will be wrapped from ankle to groin. Leave this wrapping on for 48 hours. If it begins to feel tight you may loosen it. Do remember it is tight to help minimize bruising so only loosen if absolutely necessary. After 48 hours you may remove the wrapping. You will notice some old, dried blood. This is normal. Resume wearing your support stocking until your first post-op visit. You may also choose to Ace wrap the leg for comfort. At this point you may shower but no bathing or swimming for 5 days.

Bruising of the leg is typical after this surgical procedure. A small amount of redness around the suture sites is normal. Mild swelling is normal. Significant swelling, fever, chills, redness at suture sites is not normal. If any of these occur please call our office at 215-887-5934.


You may resume your preoperative medications. Begin taking the prescribed non-narcotic (Ibuprofen) pain medication around the clock even if not having significant discomfort initially. The pain medication will help minimize the inflammation that typically occurs on day three after surgery. Most patients experience pain, redness and warmth of their inner thigh. This is expected. Take the medication with food to minimize stomach upset. Supplemental narcotic pain medication is available only if needed for the first night.


Follow-up appointment should be made for 7-10 days from the day of surgery. Please call 215-887-5934 to make this appointment.